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ELITE VISION features the most technologically advanced spectacle lenses, providing you with numerous options to experience optimal vision at all distances. There are more than 700 different progressive lens designs on the market; many of the designs are very antiquated and result in significant adaptation difficulties. We utilize computer progressive lenses and other occupational progressive lenses that provide exceptional vision for all computer and intermediate tasks.


We offer progressive lenses that are digitally produced to within 1/100th of a diopter to ensure that your vision is maximized. These advanced lens designs result in high-definition vision that enable patients to experience excellent vision at distance, intermediate, and near. We also offer task specific progressive lenses that are designed to enable you to perform at work and play with great efficiency.

ELITE VISION offers the latest lens treatments including scratch-resistant coatings, anti-glare coatings, lenses that adapt to changing light conditions, polarization to reduce glare, and advanced materials to ensure your lenses are light-weight, thin and cosmetically appealing.

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polarized, non-glare lenses
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light stratch resistant lenses
transitions light adaptive lenses
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ELITE VISION features the most advanced contact lenses capable of correcting for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Contact lens materials are more oxygen permeable, resulting in improved comfort and the ability to wear lenses for more hours during the day without discomfort. We also offer contact lenses that can be worn continuously for 30 days. We have thousands of contact lenses in stock and in most cases you will leave our office with contact lenses in your prescription. We offer competitive pricing and ship annual supplies of contact lenses directly to your home or work at no charge.


Significant advances in material technologies have resulted in an increase in the number of daily disposable contact lenses availble. Daily disposable contacts offer unprecedented comfort with a fresh new lens every day and don't require the purchase of cases or contact lens solutions. They are the most healthy option for kids, where hygiene has traditionally limited been the limiting factor in their ability to successfully wear CL. Daily disposable contact lenses are also the best option for those that suffer from allergies or dry eye. If comfort and convenience are appealing to you, daily disposable contact lenses offer many benefits.

Air Optix, Dailies contact lenses
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