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Comprehensive Eye Exam


At ELITE VISION we utilize state-of-the art equipment to provide you with a thorough and comprehensive eye health and vision examination. Our equipment is computerized, integrated, and linked throughout our office to improve exam accuracy and efficiency. We use the Reichert Phoropter VRx digital automated refraction system to obtain the most accurate contact lens and digital spectacle glasses prescriptions. During your comprehensive examination, you will undergo many tests including: a thorough medical history, blood pressure and pulse, measurement of your current glasses, visual field analysis, color vision assessment, pupil response, stereopsis, eye muscle movement and tracking, determination of refractive error to determine distance, reading, and computer prescriptions, and a thorough ocular health examination.


We offer our patients the opportunity to opt for eye imaging to replace eye dilation for a more complete assessment of eye health without the inconvenience of having their eyes dilated. All images are stored in your Electronic Medical Record and facilitate detecting small changes in ocular health such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.




Contact Lens Services


We feature a large selection of contact lens brands including products from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Cooper Vision, Bausch + Lomb, and Alcon. We have thousands of diagnostic lenses in stock to provide the best options for you based on your prescription, eye health, and lifestyle. We offer daily disposable lenses for optimal comfort and convenience, extended wear lenses that can be slept in for 30 days, lenses designed to precisely correct astigmatism, and multi-focal lenses to reduce or eliminate your need for reading glasses.


We provide training & instruction to first-time wearers to make sure they are comfortable inserting, removing and properly caring for their lenses. We offer competitve pricing, free shipping with annual supply purchases, and price match authorized online retailers to ensure you receive the best value and ultimate convenience.

Cataract Evaluation


Cataracts are the result of the natural aging process that cause the lenses of the eyes to become cloudy. Patients with cataracts experience a loss of visual clarity, increased sensitivity to glare, and generally dull vision that isn't completely resolved with glasses.


During every patient's comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Popowski evaluates the health and clarity of the natural lens of the eye, using an advanced biomicroscope. If cataract surgery is indicated to restore proper vision, you will be referred to one of our partner cataract surgeons. Following cataract surgery, Dr. Popowski will provide your post-surgical care to ensure you achieve the best result and have the most accurate glasses prescription. 


There are several new intraocular lens implant options that you can select during your cataract surgery to provide clear vision at all distances without glasses. There are also lenses that can correct your astigmatism to provide excellent vision without contact lenses or glasses. We will discuss the significant number of options available to you to ensure that you can make an informed decision about your cataract surgery.

Sports Vision


As an elite athlete, Dr. Popowski takes a special interest in helping to improve the performance of fellow athletes. There are many options to enhance performance, including sport-specific lens tints, shape and wrap of lenses, and lens material choice. We offer eyewear including goggles, safety eyewear, and specialty contact lenses. We will provide the expertise to ensure you are informed of the best vision solutions for your sporting activities.

Diabetic Eye Exams


Diabetic eye disease is the number one cause of blindness in the US. It is important for patients with diabetes to have an annual ocular health examination to detect pathology that could result in a permanent loss of vision. Loss of vision can be prevented with treatments including medications, injections, laser procedures, and other surgical options. Early detection and treatment are key to preserving vision.


Following your eye exam, Dr. Popowski can send a detailed report to your primary care physician and/or endocrinologist to ensure that you receive the necessary care to prevent the loss of sight. Working with your other physicians ensures that you will receive the best care and preserve your vision.

Red Eye & Acute Care


If you have a red eye, infection, or foreign object in your eye, we have all the necessary equipment to provide you the best care. Don't wait for hours at the ER or Urgent Care when you can call Dr. Popowski, an eye doctor with extensive trauma and injury training, to promptly assist you.  He served a tour in Iraq with the US Army and has a lot of experience with managing eye injuries and infections. Call us at (719) 471-1107 to be scheduled immediately. If you should require care after hours, call us and you will be connected to our on call phone number, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pediatric Eye Care


It is important to have your children examined as early as possible to ensure success in school. Studies show that vision is responsible for 85% of learning, so a comprehensive vision exam will ensure that children achieve their potential in school and are not limited by binocular or refractive vision conditions. We have objective means to assess the visual systems of young children who may not yet know the alphabet or be able to respond to typical subjective tests.



We offer the convenience of having a Board Certified Audiologist in our office. Dr. Nichole Kovel, Aud can provide solutions for your tinnitus and hearing loss. Call Elite Hearing at (719) 633-2685 to schedule an appointment. Elite Hearing of Colorado Springs offers cutting edge hearing loss and tinnitus solutions.

Dry Eye & Ocular Allergies


The prevalence of dry eye in Colorado is high due to the arid environment. Other factors including gender, age, systemic inflammatory conditions, and a history of refractive surgery also contribute to the incidence and severity of dry eye. Dry eye can significantly affect your vision, resulting in reduced visual acuity, fluctuating vision, and reduced comfort wearing contact lenses. There are several therapeutic and medical treatments for dry eye that we can provide to decrease the discomfort associated with dry eye and improve your quality of life.

ELITE VISION is a BlephEx  Certified Practice offering the most advanced dry eye treatments to resolve dry eye symptoms that have not responded to artificial tears or other dry eye treatments.


Ocular alleriges affect nearly 120 million Americans and the prevalence continues to increase due to air quality issues and environmental allergenic agents including pollens, grasses, dust and pet dander. Ocular allergies typically result in redness of the eyes, itchy eyes, watery eyes, and even swollen eyelids. These symptoms increase and decrease in intensity depending on exposure to the offending agents. Fortunately, there are topical medications that we can prescribe, based on the etiology of your allergies, that are much more effective than the traditionally used systemic allergy medications which unfortunately tend to exacerbate dry eye. Effective treatment of your eye allergies will result in improved comfort, better vision, and more comfortable contact lens wear.

Glaucoma Detection & Management


Dr. Popowski continues to participate in continuing education to learn about earlier detection and better treatments to prevent vision loss from glaucoma. At ELITE VISION we have invested in state-of-the art equipment to screen every patient for glaucoma.


Screening tests performed during your comprehensive exam and an evaluation of your risk factors determine the additional testing that may be warranted. Early detection, consistent monitoring, and optimal treatments are vital to prevent unneccessary vision loss.

Refractive Surgery


Excellent vision is critical and we encourage you to be very selective when considering LASIK or PRK. We work closely with the most experienced refractive surgeons to increase the likelihood of achieving the best outcomes. During the course of your eye exam we obtain measurements to evaluate your candidacy for refractive surgery. After your surgery, we will provide you with your post-operative care to ensure the best results. Dr. Popowski has extensive experience co-managing refractive surgery. We look forward to working with you to ensure you have the most qualified refractive surgeon operating on your eyes.

BlephEx - Dry Eye Treatment
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